Started by rhjiv, January 17, 2011, 05:14:47 AM

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Seems whenever I am tweaking or configuring ProLasso - I spend more time reaching and grabbing the menus - a modal dialog with the categories tabbed out might be a more orderly approach during the configuration process - I am always double checking the options in other pull downs to see if they are complimentary. 

Additionally having the tabs sequenced left to right from beginning with system wide preferences to specific application tweaks would reduce some of the guess work of finding the right tab.

I understand that dialog boxes are considerably more tedious to construct, specifically when nailing down functionality of a program.  However, there appears to be a core functionality through a number of your builds that are more static (maybe as much as 80%) - the "RC" functionalities you add could go menu until they settle down. 

Simply an idea on reducing some mouse mileage and improving task management - then again that is the UIguy in me.

Jeremy Collake

I agree, and have intended a 'single screen' configuration to solve the problem, at least for now. Everything will be shown in a single screen, which will be a tab of the main listview. Dunno if that is right or not, but it is the easiest, so will get implemented first ;). It will allow further better implementations as well.
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