Skype -- use default or higher priority?

Started by Mr. Bubbles, January 20, 2011, 01:00:48 PM

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Mr. Bubbles


Firstly, I sincerely wish to thank Jeremy for creating Process Lasso  -- it's a great program, and highly recommended!  :)   

Question -- Should I change the priority "default setting" in Process Lasso (PL) for Skype?   I notice that while I'm using Skype (video call) when PL is set at default priority, sometimes PL reduces Skype's process priority from normal to below normal.  Seemingly when it does that, then my Skype webcam video gets a bit laggy, like the CPU can't keep up.  Should I manually bump it up to say normal or above normal?  (any recommendations, rules or tweaks?)  I should add that when I use Skype, I normally don't run any other big programs concurrently, just Skype.

Right now, I'm using PL with all the defaults....

With many thanks!

My system's specs:
Skype version 5.1 , with Logitech 9000 Pro HD webcam,
Intel Core Duo @2.8 Ghz on Win XP SP3
2 Gigs Ram
tons of hard disks space, big swap file set
ATI 4830 vid card, 512k vram, at 1024x768 res
no malware ... clean computer

Jeremy Collake

The *ONLY* action I recommend in this case is excluding Skype.exe (or whatever process may be related) from ProBalance restraint. This can be done by right-clicking the process. That's my two cents ;).

And you are quite welcome, I continue to work hard on all facets of my business. Wish me luck...
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Mr. Bubbles

Thanks Jeremy! 
Your recommendation worked perfectly.   8)