No Sleep til Bedtime!

Started by bertie97, December 15, 2016, 02:52:10 PM

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(Coincidentally) since the last PL update (& MS 'security' updates!), the box is not sleeping....  >:(

So I ran 
powercfg  -requests
& got this.

[DRIVER] \FileSystem\srvnet
An active remote client has recently sent requests to this machine.

Damned if I can see what is using srvnet.sys!
Anyone know a way to find out?

Jeremy Collake

Interesting! I do not know, and would need to do some research. Since that's my responsibility, please hold and I'll find out what I can, as I can, in case it is anything of importance to my plans with Process Lasso.

Definitely I don't think Process Lasso is the catalyst for this event, as you implied you also felt. However, if you are using Keep Awake or such, then that is always possible.

Sometimes there are OEM tools pre-installed on PCs to manage the power. It could be related to one of them.
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In Device manager, check if networking>power management is set to "allow this device to wake system", maybe something is trying to update or check for updates.

Also maybe try an generate a power report, might tell more info if you hadn't done already.
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Thanks for the replies guys.

I used ProcExplorer to see what was active & it showed zilch, I checked the FW logs - also 0 info on any port that I could identify with the process.
I went thru my services & started killing them off (stop + manual start) & ran a cleaner.
Cold booted over the last few days gradually re-enabling the services & with everything re-enabled, & it started behaving yesterday.
So a total loss as far as info goes. :(

I can say PL settings hadn't been affected during the update (keep awake was off), & it wasn't OEM 3rd party rubbish as I build & 'program' my own boxes, (Well OK, that stuff is sneaky but I try to avoid the rubbish :)  ).
So I'm hoping it was some app playing with its' updater & not some malware that was trying to make a home for itself (Do not want any of this ransomware which is so prolific right now!).  Box appears clean AV-wise, so the mystery remains.

BTW I should have said w7x64, but I will try the link info on my w10 install,thanks Ed.   My w10 is basically a redundant experiment until MS get their 'patch & break' ethos sorted! :D