Is there any chance for Android process lasso?

Started by kojirole, November 05, 2016, 08:31:36 AM

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I like Process Lasso  :).Process Lasso is a nice apps with a lot of wonderfull feature. Would it be possible to have Process Lasso for Android ?

Jeremy Collake

Android has a lot more isolated app OS (unless you are rooted, and even then the rooting app has to allow an app to bypass normal restrictions). So, it makes it hard to further optimize. However, I am always looking for opportunities and tangents, let me just put it that way!
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Well there was some app in the Gingerbread days that could renice / ionice certain apps with busybox and scripting, but I don't know about compatibility with the latest versions of Android (which has SEAndroid and other security-hardening features.)
The lags on Android stems mostly with storage and memory contention anyways... many apps being programmed as if it's the only app residing on the system, running services and background jobs without consideration to the overall phone user experience.
xda-dev seems to be the more appropriate place to ask for this.