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New Forum issues

Started by Hotrod, April 22, 2017, 04:19:47 PM

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I have been having recurring issues getting to the new forum. The initial login works but accessing the community has intermittent 404's and error messages, sometimes in the middle of posts to a board. My most recent was: Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

I am using FF 50.1.0
I see there is an update to 53.0 which I will try and see if that changes things and report back here.



FF 53.0

Now it seems the entire site is down with the same response as above. I will try other browsers but expect the same for a bit.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for letting me know! This is (no doubt) Cloudflare or their Cloudflare for Wordpress plugin. I have not seen it myself, but .. well, am taking note!

I will set up some checks so I am notified if this happens anywhere in the world.

The only other possibility is you hit some security checks, but that seems unlikely, and equally problematic.
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I was able to get there with IE, so I deleted my cookies in FF and now it is working correctly again. Probably my own misconfiguration. All is good now. Thanks for responding. :)



Been working fine for me whole day.
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