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Started by MGP, April 22, 2017, 02:37:35 AM

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I have found a strange problem with my PC. I have daily (once a day) randomly without any warning or what so ever, that my PC freeze for about 5 minutes, during these 5 minutes nothing starts up and there is no internet connection. Sometimes if I have luck and directly start PL, I hope to see whats may causing this problem. But so far no any luck. It look likes windows is doing something without telling me, but what I don't know. Afterwards I look into eventviewer, but there ain't any exceptional errors or failures what indicates the 5 minutes freeze, or for what I know. Besides those 5 minutes a day, my PC works fine. Its a mystery and still try to find out what happening.

May there anybody ever heard of this and can help me to find to solve this weird problem?


That is a tough one if tools like PL, PE or windows resources doesn't show up anything.
I would try and look at time it does it, if it is a app like AV scan it should be timed, if its totally random , the only thing i can think is try and remove possible problem app.

Make sure drivers, chipset is all up to date for your system. look for something that would have high cpu% or I/O usage.

The only time I came across kind of simular thing, was mouse freezes which it was bad HDD, so check that SSD/HDD, do a scan and check for health.
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I made screenprint this week. But if AV is the problem, than it should be every 2 hours been an problem, as it updates. But may cause the high I/O of AVguard the problem?


All I can say is try running few days with AVG not auto-starting and see if it is the issue.

You can also check if there any logs for it and if anything shows up in them.
If you find it is problem and only happens with PL running then add PL to it's exclude process list if AVG has one.
you can see the I/O is pretty high in that pic, with 21% on CPU, but not sure that would lock system.

You should add system specs.
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I have a Q6600 with 6GB DDR2 PC-6400 on a P5Q Deluxe, running SSD with Windows 10 Pro


Avguard.exe is found as a process of Avira or Antivir(the same thing?) antivirus' on demand scanner. I also found an old reference to a video/audio monitoring software. I assume it is the former in your case. As an on demand scanner it is called upon when you access certain file types or directories. You can try to look for an exclusion list in the scanner software and exclude the process/files that seem to trigger it. I would refrain from having Process Lasso act upon it as this would just bog you down more. It would work better to exclude it so that it could finish it's work sooner. Just about any Real Time Scanner will give you this problem. Another alternative would be to disable the scanner during your "important" PC use and then set it back to work when you are finished. This can be risky if you have any active infections in your accessed files at this time, so it is not the recommended course of action. Most common antivirus software has been allowed for by Bitsum, but Jeremy will be the last word on the subject.

I hope you find a satisfactory solution here,


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These sorts of stalls are almost always attributed to I/O blocks. Whether it's software or hardware, it's I/O. There is not much that can be done except address the cause, which can be difficult if you don't know the exact cause. Checking the Windows Event Logs may, or may not, yield any clues (e.g. timed out devices!).

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After a month of monitoring the stalls, it was always when Avira update. I klled Avira from my PC and installed Avast to see if this goes better