Setting Player Unknown's Battlegrounds as a High performance process does not w

Started by jansuuta, May 28, 2017, 05:27:11 AM

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I nowadays play a very popular 'Battle Royale' type tactical shooter called Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, do check this great game out. I am also a Process Lasso Pro user for some years, very good product also!

However, with this particular game I am having some problems in Process Lasso: when I try to classify the game executable TslGame.exe as a 'High performance process'  it does not work at all and gives the following error as a pop-up (see pic).

How to fix this? I am obviously an admin already, so I should have full control to the file. This game uses an in-built add-on called BattlEye to detect hackers, could that be causing Process Lasso incompatibility?

Thanks in advance!

Process Lasso Pro v9.0.0.348 x64
Windows 10 Pro x64


My guess it has some kind of tamper proof coded into it.
Few things to check, with game/performance mode not linked to it, can you raise cpu priority in PL or task-manager?
One way around this maybe, does the game use a launcher, that then runs the game exe, if so try making your changes to the launcher.
Last resort is to manually set it before you run the game (tray option).
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As a workaround, I can change the priority of the exe using a registry setting (force high), but setting priority class in PL does not seem to have any effect.


Then it sounds like it does have tamper proof enabled, Try to make sure you are running BHP power plan as that will help in many ways.
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