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Started by neophil78, April 24, 2017, 07:50:05 AM

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Hi Jeremy,

Just unable to download any of archives edition of P.L

I get a trouble with RAM eating and i wonder if it's not since i am with PL .9.x (Smartrim seem to have no effect) and i just wanted to give a try with latest V 8 version

Can you verify the links of archived versions ?

Thanks in advance

Jeremy Collake

Ensure you have the latest version (v9 304). Seems to have no effect? Does it write out log entries? If so, then it is acting.

This is important: If a process is *actively using* X Mb of RAM, then you can not 'trim' it any further down for more than a few milliseconds, as those pages get paged right back in. This is especially true if it was recently trimmed before.

I will check out SmartTrim's behavior, though still don't recommend using it because of misunderstandings like the above (virtual memory is complex and few general users understand it).

In the meantime, version 8 is here: https://bitsum.com/lastxp
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Just an FYI (whenever you get a round tuit). Everything is running fine and as expected, but this version is supposed to be x32 yet the installed PL reports as x32

Thanks for the link,


Jeremy Collake

Yes, I am aware of this. I've been bringing v9 to stability, honestly we've tested it far beyond v8 now, and have hit bugs from way back in corners of the product nobody ever visits.

Anyway, what happened was a bit of an emergency over here, which is rare. I had a virtual machine corruption issue (ran out of disk space and caused a cascade of failures) and 'lost' v8 build 102. Now, I'm sure it's floating around somewhere, but it's temporarily lost.

I have this all fixed now, with a 28TB dual-parity Storage Space and a 3TB Striped SSD array. The SSD array, and everything, is backed up the the larger Storage Space every day. Of course, I also have a code repository (Git), but the 102 changes were not yet committed.

The only difference between it and .98 is that it is free in XP and 2003 (only).

I am working to restore it ASAP, but have had higher priority issues to work on.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.