License concerns with portable Laptop

Started by Rudster, May 01, 2017, 02:34:03 AM

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This might be a really simple question however I was initially looking at buying a single license for my desktop. But remembered this really helped with my battery life on my laptop as well so I though to get rid of potential transferring problems if I reload or change systems in say 3 years, I might as well buy the unlimited version.

However when reading through the terms of use, I noticed the wording implies that the device the program is used on must be a device within your home and same with all other devices.This obviously is a problem for a university student with a laptop, taking it to uni and to my gf's place.

Quote* All PCs in the same home means that you can activate all your personal home PCs. This applies only to a single home/family and, commercial use is not allowed. The Server Edition is exempt. For practical purposes, you may see a limit expressed such as ‘5 PCs’, but you can disregard that and know it means unlimited within your home.

Can someone confirm if this is going to be an issue, If I use this, I would probably end up with it on my personal server (Not commercial so in theory should be fine) running 24/7 while potentially on my desktop running and a laptop I have brought with me for studies at university and now and then another house. I'm guessing it would be lenient on this use case since it's a clause used to stop people sharing a license with friends and such living elsewhere but just want to cover bases as it might have an IP check in place that would also throw issues with my use of VPN's.

Hope to get some clarification :)