Cannot update Process Lasso Pro

Started by Stephe, August 05, 2017, 12:21:39 PM

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I cannot update Process Lasso Pro.  I have v9.0.0.372x64 and if I
go to Updates > Check for Updates Now, a box comes up that says
"ERROR: Could not load temporary resources.  Please re-run installer."

Is there a fix for this, or am I better off uninstalling then reinstalling
Process Lasso?  And if I uninstall then reinstall, will all my settings
go away?

I have a PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 2, i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz,
16.0 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System.  I have had Process Lasso
on my computers since 2012 (when I had Windows XP).


Hi, actually you can ignore that error as it has no bearing on PL working.
It should fix itself after a few updates, but easy fix is just DL the latest installer and install over the top of your present version, no need to uninstall.
Bitsum QA Engineer


Installing the new version over the version I had worked.  Thank you.  :)