Dealing with unresponsive processes

Started by Guy..., October 24, 2017, 02:24:16 AM

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I would love to see a feature of a popup window that comes up when a process becomes unresponsive for X amount of seconds and/or makes the computer freeze, which gives you the option to kill/suspend the process.

Jeremy Collake

Windows NT6+ (Vista) already has such a feature. I have considered expanding upon it, but haven't really come up with a better mechanism. Surely you've seen what I am talking about, the Windows popup that says: "This application is no longer responding" [Close / Wait] . If you have a way you think that can be improved on, I'm all ears. Of course, I could automate the termination, but that isn't always desirable or safe.

Apologies for the slow response time, this is the 'legacy' (all-be-it superior) forum and I'm stretched thin lately.
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