Reduce CPU Load while streaming videos

Started by Nadeem, June 17, 2011, 03:07:30 PM

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Hi There,
I'm new to the Forum, so please excuse me if this question has alraedy been answered sometime before.

I have installed Process Lasso, Is there a way to reduce the CPU load whilst streaming videos on You tube via using Process Lasso? I have an OQO Model 02 UMPC with 1GB Ram and 128 GB SSD, Operating System Windows 7.

If so can you please help me in giving me a detail answer on what I need to do to configure Process Lasso and apply the necessary settings, I am currently using firefox 4.0.1 with the latest adobe flash player.

Thank You

Jeremy Collake

First let me clarify that Process Lasso's ProBalance does not reduce the CPU load, nor is that something anyone would want to do. Whatever is being done has to GET DONE, so to artificially reduce the CPU load would only slow this down. This is particularly true in the case of streaming media, where the CPU load is indicative of operations that must get done in near real-time.

The best thing you can do is what you've likely already done: Allow ProBalance to try to keep that process in check, and perhaps set your own default priority of Below Normal on the process *if* you find that it runs ok when set permanently at Below Normal.

Sometimes there just isn't much that can be done, and in such cases you are really at the mercy of your system's hardware.

The best answer here is probably to reduce the streaming video quality or upgrade your CPU.
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