How to get the most out of PL

Started by BlackThought, May 10, 2011, 03:20:05 AM

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Simple question i hope.

After i install it what are some things, if any, I can alter on PL to make things better?

Im considering buying the full version.

Would it be wise to put all my PC security on 1 core? (I have a quad core) or does pro-balance fine enough as is?


I believe you don't need to do anything. It just works.


Checkout the PL Documentation located here.

Jeremy Collake

The ProBalance feature will help with responsiveness, and some intelligent CPU affinities may indeed help a bit with performance. However, it is a bit tricky and requires real thought and a lot of trial and error to figure out what the best CPU affinities may be for your particular software environment. Software environments vary considerably from PC to PC, as does the hardware that is running them. I can't say whether or not limiting your security application processes to a particular core or subset of cores would help or hurt. I would probably recommend not doing that because your security processes are something that the rest of the system is often forced to wait on. By keeping them on one core you could conceivably be introducing a further delay if that core were entirely monopolized.
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