A Jolt of Enthusiasm

Started by Jeremy Collake, July 16, 2011, 03:27:26 PM

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Jeremy Collake

Things are going to change in a big way here. I realize I've reached a plateau. Process Lasso must now evolve to the next level. That is what we are all waiting on, right? Well, I do have a plan for this, and am working towards it. I don't want to give it all away, and my plans change so often that half of it would be useless anyway.

The minor maintenance will continue in the interim, but what I'm speaking of is a shift in paradigm so large that it brings back the excitement we all had when we first discovered Process Lasso (and the excitement many new users of Process Lasso get to this day). For the rest of us, minor maintenance has gotten dreary and routine. If you ever think you don't need Process Lasso's ProBalance, you will be like many who have tried without it for a bit, then remember why they loved it ;). Boy does it make a difference in responsiveness during Visual Studio builds of projects on even a high-end system.

With applications making increased use of multiple cores, the need for ProBalance is as great as ever - as the chances of all your system CPUs being maxed out are getting higher. Then there is the inverse trend towards lower power CPUs like those found in netbooks, Windows tablets, and UMPCs.

We need a new jolt of kick-butt new features and massive user interface improvements. As a low level coder, I'm not all about user interfaces, but it should be a pleasant experience to use an application - not a painful one.

I thank everyone for their continued support and patience. The next minor update has some good maintenance and you will be pleased by it. Everyone is loving those automated updates by now I'm sure? Remember, if not using the automatic/automatic updates, the license validation is optional. The idea is to let you know if your license is going to be expired. If it is close, you might want to check.

We MAY start sending out emails before licenses expire, something we've not done before, but seems like a darn good idea. We don't want anyone taken by surprise. The good news is that if anyone ever is taken by surprise, you can always download an older version in the Support area and use it (even if your license is expired).

Let's hope for the best.

Also, I'm about to announce a little piece of freeware I've been working on... I didn't like taking time from Process Lasso, so rushed through it, but it is surprisingly functional and good. The power users that like Process Lasso will like this too.
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