how do I redirect Log to a Ram drive

Started by prosessilasso, July 24, 2011, 08:54:37 AM

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Process Lasso can be disk intensive with Log Enabled.

Since I have a RAM drive (E:\) how can I redirect the Log to write to E:\ ?



Have you tried this:

File-->Choose alternate log folder

Jeremy Collake

Exactly as Tinfoil Hat suggests. This option is also presented during install (global config and log paths). If it doesn't work, let me know, as few use that feature and I don't recall testing it in a while.

HOWEVER, this may not be as necessary as you think. Starting a few builds ago, Process Lasso uses the 'temporary' attribute on the log file, which helps to keep it from becoming something important to flush out. Also, increasing the maximum size of the log will help as it will reduce the amount of times the log must be shrunk (it is shrunk well below the threshold to avoid having to do it again anyway). More options regarding logging are also planned. I will expand on them more in time.
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