Bug Report - Taskbar Icon Not Reflecting Correct Status

Started by thegas, June 16, 2018, 03:41:51 AM

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Noticed a bug report on the latest non beta of ParkControl.

Even though i have 30 of 32 cores parked, the icon is still showing as blue and says all cores are active. The only way to make the taskbar icon go red is to activate bitsum boost and then immediately disable it. The taskbar icon turns red and then inocrrectly shows half my cores parked. I repeat the step again and this time when i hoover over the icon it says 30 of 32 cores are parked.

Win 10 Pro 17134 Build
Bitsum lasso latest build
ParkControl latest build

Please let me know if you need more detailed information from my system to repro the bug. It might be specific to AMD CPUs or Threadripper, I'm not sure but it happens on both my threadripper systems with a 1950X and a 1920X.


Bitsum QA Engineer