How to compare multiple versions of a process?

Started by BarcodeBob, October 30, 2018, 07:38:35 PM

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I have multiple versions of a process that I am comparing and they have been started at different times so CPU Time etc can't be compared.

How do I clear down everything so I can do a proper comparison of the processes?  Nothing else is running on this PC.


Hi, Are the exe's all connected to one program?
If it is something like Chrome or Firefox with multiple exe's all same name only way is by there PID value.

What are you trying to compare?
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Thanks for the reply edkiefer, much appreciated.

It is a trading program called Metatrader and the process name is terminal.exe.  Each process contains a number of programs that are identical in each process except for 1 and this is why I want to compare the 4 to see the impact on the system.

I can tell the difference between the 4 by the Command line and the ID as per the attached screenshot.


Ok, Maybe Process Explorer can show more detailed info, though I am not sure it will.
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Jeremy Collake

(trying to understand what you want to do)

So you want the process list to be empty except for those processes? You can use the filter edit box above the process list, but it will pause the list - so may not be of utility.

I would advise to do as you've done and sort by the process name, then scroll to the position you want in the process list.

For simple real-time monitoring, Process Explorer may indeed be better suited.
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No I don't want the process list to be empty. I can leave it as it is. I only have these 4 processes running plus the normal Windows processes etc.

These 4 processes started at different times over a period of 2 days so I can't compare CPU usage, time etc etc.

What I want is to restart Lasso as though it was the first time it was installed  OR  clear down all the counts etc for these 4 processes.

Can I stop these 4 processes and then delete them from Lasso and then restart them again? Will that clear everything down?

Hopefully I have explained myself a bit better  :-[ :-[


If I understand you right, I guess the easiest thing would be to just restart PL when all the processes you want to monitor are running.
Then monitor CPU time or whatever data you want to compare if you have no control over the terminal.exe's.

Also as mentioned above you could use Process Explorer to monitor (leave PL running), get the data you need from PE and then use PL for any adjustments if needed to the processes.
One good feature PE has is per process performance graphs and data.
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I did shut down PL and restarted it but nothing has changed. CPU time for instance is 26+ hours for one of the processes.


Yes, My bad that will not work as PL or even PE will get info from Windows OS, so I was wrong to suggest that after thinking about it.
I still think PE would give a good idea with it's per process graphs/data.

That is the best I can think of off hand.
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What if I shut down PL and the 4 processes. Then rename the 4 processes and restart PL. Would that start everything from scratch for the 4 processes?


If they all start with the workload you want, yes.
Just have PL running when you start up all the processes.
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Worked like a treat, exactly what I wanted.  :) :) :)

Thanks for your help edkiefer, very much appreciated.