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Process Lasso v3.06 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, September 11, 2008, 10:44:09 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Process Lasso v3.06 is now available for download.

Changes since v3.04:

  • Change.GUI: A more accurate per-process historical average CPU utilization calculation.
  • Change.Core: Changed default OOC settings a bit, lowering the per-process restraint threshold.
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Added capability to set the 'show all processes' option for Vista UAC at install-time.
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Added capability to tweak GUI startup type as well as governor startup type.
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Second dialog, wizard-look, to make room for more options.
  • Change.Installer: Added new section to launch the InstallHelper and let the user configure Process Lasso before starting it.
  • Change.Installer: Several misc. tweaks.
  • Change.Installer: Update to NSIS 2.39.
  • [.1]Change.InstallHelper: Polished considerably.
  • [.2]Change.GUI: Tweaked more string handling to truncate on the event of overflow, instead of throwing an exception.
  • [.2]Change.Installer: Removed Vista UAC shortcuts, as InstallHelper is for this purpose now.
  • [.2]Change.Installer: Main window now displays when ProcessLasso.exe is launched after install, instead of going straight to system tray.
  • [.2]Change.GUI: Changed main window background color.
  • [.3]Fix.GUI: Made final fix to main window background color. It should look fine now for all Windows flavors and themes.

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Download x64: (
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