Watchdog CPU affinity problems with >30 cores

Started by NicholasJS, September 29, 2018, 06:49:19 PM

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I was using process lasso and user names to keep some processes keyed to specific cores (e.g. process.exe:user_proc1 would limit to cores 1-3).  I've gotten a 2990wx recently and I decided to do the same thing, however I am running into a problem with watchdog if I use an affinity greater than 30.  I hope the screenshots I've included help.  If I add affinities with the lower logical core of >30 (e.g. 31-41) it will be blank.  If I have a lower affinity starting below 31 but go above 30 with the higher numbered logical core, the column will correctly fill out.  The problem that occurs in both cases is processes matching the aforementioned rules the process is then limited to 0-30.  Closing and reopening the window for watchdog then shows 0-30 as the affinity set.  It seems that an affinity set past 30 will break watchdog.  Here's a copy of my ini Advanced Rules if I set up for handbrake.  The first rule is for cores 0-15, the second is for 16-31 (if I remember correctly):


Hopefully the information I've provided helps.  If you need anything else please let me know.


Edit: It was 0-30 that everything gets reset to.  Not 1 to 30. 

Jeremy Collake

I found an old 32-bit bitmask buried in some dialog code. A tentative fix is in v9.0.0.487 beta.
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If I am not mistaken this should be fixed in release now (
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Jeremy Collake

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.