process lasso closing

Started by yusahtr, December 05, 2018, 01:50:00 PM

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i use process lasso for when i use X-plane 11. since the recent update i've noticed that i've been taking major FPS hits and i've found out that process lasso has somehow closed itself.  i've attached a copy of the logfile. please help.

Jeremy Collake

I am communicating with you in a support ticket.

It is not clear what is causing Process Lasso to close. It is most likely something is terminating it, whether that be an anti-cheat mechanism or something else.

The only other report of this was resolved when the user did a reset of Windows.

A self-restart mechanism, based on a repetitive Task Scheduler task, to potentially mitigate this is still underway. That is almost done, but some final steps necessary to make it user friendly. I am not going to promise any specific ETA due to the many concurrent projects I have.
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