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Started by Saad, August 16, 2011, 04:12:30 AM

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i think Process Lasso programmers should join to Microsoft to help them for a better windows. Process Lasso is one of the important requirement of Windows. what do you think?


That would be good. I use it as my Task Manager replacement. I have read that They have changed the Task Manager in Windows 8. The last change to it was back in Windows XP. Be great for Jeremy to get a beta version of Windows 8 so he can start testing the program with it.  Check this out. It may be useful too.

Microsoft Launches Official “Building Windows 8″ Blog, Pre-Release Build to Arrive in Coming Months

Jeremy Collake

It is likely something along the lines of the new Resource Monitor introduced in Windows Vista. I haven't seen it, yet. I will as soon as possible and let you know.

You can rest assured it won't be like Process Lasso though. Remember, Process Lasso was never meant to replace any task manager. That market is too saturated.

As for including it in Windows ... well, what's another dead industry, lol. They've done this to countless software in the past. Their latest target is anti-virus/anti-malware software with Security Essentials.
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Yes and let's not forget the mess with Sun Java that made them move into their own market. I don't trust Bill as far as I can throw my tower. LOL

Jeremy Collake

Here is the new task manager in Windows 8, btw... Just a huge cosmetic overhaul. It does give me some ideas to overhaul the cosmetics of PL. I may emulate its graphs, we'll see. They are nice looking -- and easy. I have long planned to switch to using multiple graphs stacked vertically, as the Resource Monitor does. The reason is that people have more horizontal landscape than vertical, so better to put the graphs on the side than the top. I like these new colors in Win 8 a lot though.

For those who don't know, Win 8 will also have a new abstraction layer just for touch input.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.