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My Evaluation of Process Lasso

Started by clcooper, September 03, 2011, 09:29:53 AM

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FWIW, if  you are considering purchasing Process Lasso, here is my brief review:

My systems - I have Process Lasso running on my little Dell XP computer with 2 gig of ram and a Win 7 64, i7-920, 12 gig Ram, with 6 monitors on 3 video cards with 2 gig of Ram each.  I use both computers for backtesting large amounts of data and live stock market transactions, where I want very quick response time with the incoming data streams.  I had observed that even my desktop system at times would respond a little sluggishly, and went looking for some assistance on the internet, whereupon I stumbled on Bitsum's Process Lasso.

I purchased Process Lasso just over a month ago, and can report that both my XP and Win 7 machines are noticeably more responsive.  This is my subjective opinion - I have not run any specific timing tests, but I literally stare at my monitors all day long, doing processor intensive, time sensitive entries, and I won't run my computers without Process Lasso. 

Support - I had a couple of questions when I first purchased Process Lasso, and emailed support on Sunday, expecting a response in the next couple of days.  Within an hour support responded.

Great product.  Great support.

This is my first post . . . hope I put it in the right place.

Jeremy Collake

Thank you, that is very kind. We are glad it has met your needs. I continually work to improve it, and have exciting new works coming.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.