The option = Periodically check for product updates ?

Started by sst, October 02, 2008, 11:55:23 AM

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Hi, ...

I have v.3.12 x64.

I have = Windows Vista Ultimate FrenchCanadian, x64 SP1, HP DV8305ca Laptop, 1 Cpu core AMD Turion 64 Mobile, [2 Gig. DDR1 333 Ram], [UAC enabled], [WindowsDefender x64 enabled], [ReadyBoost = [2gig on a "SecureDigital Highspeed(C2)"], [Vista Ultimate Estimated Score of = 3.0].


The option = Periodically check for product updates ?

    = Where it will display, for an update ?

       It's seem to do nothing, when enabled = even for major update it display nothing to tell that it have an update.

        To know if there is an update = i go to section = "Help | Check for updates" .


No other thing found, ...

Sylvain St-Amand (sst)
Translator of Process Lasso = French [Canada-Québec].
Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Final Build 7600

Jeremy Collake

It only checks once every 7 days, for better or worse. Since I do so many interim minor updates, I figured it best to reduce server load and user annoyance by reducing the automated check to once every 7 days.

WHEN an update is found available, it will pop up the Update Check dialog. I will retest this functionality to ensure that it appears to be working, but last I tested it was. You could test it yourself by installing an older version, closing Process Lasso, increasing the system date to the next week, then restart Process Lasso.
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