Fairly large minor update coming (beta first)

Started by Jeremy Collake, August 30, 2011, 08:29:39 PM

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Jeremy Collake

I've completed a fairly large set of internal changes to improve unattended and silent installs, global path use, and support of UNC pathnames. I did not intend this many large changes, but once I got started, it was clear some refactoring was needed.

Sadly, UNC paths incur a decent performance penalty at this time, so I don't recommend them. I'll be announcing this new version shortly. There will be a *very quick* beta or two, then final, as I've tested it pretty well, but just want to verify that it deploys alright. Some of the new code cleans up errant situations with global path utilization in the older builds, and the changes are simply too large for me to have complete confidence in without arrogance.

One of the things this build will automatically clean up in *all* situations is cases where the INI file was inadvertently put in a 'prolasso.ini' subdirectory when using global paths. Previous builds also cleaned this up, but they only did so on a reinstall. Further, the actual problem that caused this had remained in one location, so it was fixed.

Additionally, global paths are better handled in that they are recursively created if not present, parent folders included.

I'll be uploading this beta build in the next few hours. I would be very grateful if users could test this build and give it a go. I've been running it through scenarios, but need to a few brave men to verify my results ;)
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Jeremy Collake

This beta has been silently posted, but the update checker will present it to you. Please let me know immediately if you see any troubles. You can also get it at the usual beta links:

32-bit: http://bitsum.com/files/beta/prolasso.zip
64-bit: http://bitsum.com/files/beta/prolasso64.zip

I am talking of spending only a few hours in beta. I just want to let a few of my loyal beta testers have one additional look at it while I continue my own regression testing and code review. These changes are nothing you'll notice, but are important to those using the unattended setup (silent install), global path overrides, and UNC paths (even though there is a huge performance penalty with them right now).

My sincere thanks to *ANYONE* who takes the time to grab this version and simply say: Looks good to me!  -- Or - watch out, something isn't right!

As always, I am forever indebted to the kindness and generosity of my users. The second, third, fourth, and millionth set of eyes are always important ;)
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

This is now going final, as I've done a lot of code review and testing. I feel fairly comfortable with it. The only thing I was worried about is its auto-cleanup of the old error condition where prolasso.ini was created as a directory, with prolasso.ini (the file) stored within it. This auto-cleanup seems to work just fine though, moving the INI file and removing the redundant directory. These cases only occurred when a person used global paths, and had typed the path in manually, or used the command line option, without the path pre-existing. As mentioned, now all the code will create folders that don't exist, including any parent folders necessary.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.