Is there not a link to the forum on the main page?

Started by Coldblackice, August 02, 2019, 06:29:01 PM

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Just curious whether there's a link to the forum on the main page? I get to the forum directly using my URL bar history, but was curious if there's not a link to the forum on the page, and if so, how come.

I would think it'd be helpful to have the forum visible/advertised, enabling new + future users the ability to discuss, give feedback, bug reports, etc. on the forum. But perhaps there's a reason it's not easy to find?


The forum link is under your profile section on the main site.
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Jeremy Collake

I had hidden that link unless you were logged in. I changed it back to 'Everyone'.

The forum has had such a spam problem that I have been debating what to do with it.

I have registrations set to require admin approval for the moment. EDIT: Now open again.

I agree the forum is important to have.
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