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PECompact v2.94 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, September 17, 2008, 04:23:25 PM

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Jeremy Collake

This release substantially improves debug directory handling. It fixes incompatibilities with non-Microsoft linker generated debug directories, and allows for handling of debug data present in the overlay (extra-data) area of the executable. It also adds a couple new cipher codecs to the install package, and fixes the usual assortment of bugs and cosmetic defects.

  • Fix.Core: Fixed handling of some non-Microsoft linkers debug directories. This could have caused a decrease in compression ratio or an inability to locate post-compressed debug information, depending on if /StripDebug was set to Yes or No, respectively.
  • Fix.Core: Improved compression ratio when debug directories are present and preserved. In previous versions, unrelocated (old) copies of the debug data would get left in the compressed data stream.
  • Fix.Core: Improved handling of very large debug directories.
  • Change.Core: If overlay/extra-data is empty (no non-NULL data) we skip storage of it after compression. This is useful for the new code changes that can strip debug information from the overlay/extra-data area.
  • Fix.Console: Fixed help mode capital 'A' not being accepted correctly to show advanced help menu.
  • Fix.Console: Fixed ' ompressed' output.
  • Fix.TestCodec: Various updates to get it up to speed with the latest CODEC specifications and more.
  • Change.Settings: Made /StripDebug:Yes (/SD:Y) the default. Debug information will get stripped unless you specify /SD:N.
  • Addition.GUI: Now remembers last browsed folder when adding files to the listview in older NT OSes (XP, 2k).
  • Change.GUI: Minor cosmetic adjustments.
  • Addition.Package: Included new cipher1 codec in all packages.
  • Addition.Package: Included new cipher2 codec in retail build.
  • Installer: Update to NSIS 2.39.
  • .1: Addition.GUI: Added ability to remember window position and size.

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Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

Note: An unversioned packaging update removes PEHideText from the trial and student builds.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.