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Started by fyew-jit-tiv, September 18, 2019, 05:14:32 AM

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Can you please tell me what the differences between 1. Designate high performance processes  2. Configure application power profiles?

Is there a way to setup process lasso to notify windows of a power profile change? Edit:i see "show notifications when power plan changes", i do have this option selected but i don't get any windows notifications...?

Thanks for your help


Jeremy Collake

High Performance processes (aka Induce Performance Mode) make use of Process Lasso's Performance Mode. This just switches to the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan, or (new) other power plan associated with Performance Mode. In this way it is very similar to Application Power Plans.

Performance Mode does also have some other features though, such as game auto-detecton and
optionally disabling other Lasso functions when these processes are running

The power plan change notifications need be revisited. We will get that fixed going forward. ParkControl has the same feature and likely works somewhat better. Try it in the interim.
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