Auto-adjust CPU affinity and/or throttling to keep CPU temperature under X°

Started by ephestione, October 07, 2019, 03:06:03 PM

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As per title.
Monitor CPU temperature, have user define a max temperature to never surpass (default let's say 80°C), and if core temperature (almost) reaches that value, start reducing CPU usage by most active processes until temperature is under control again.
Just to clarify the reasons: my PC easily shuts down when I run heavy tasks which are heavily multithreaded, because CPU reaches 90°C. I can keep it under control by changing CPU affinity, but by doing this manually I am overcorrecting and not having the CPU work "as fast as it could as long as it's not over 80°".
I know, "get a better cooler, change thermal paste". I have a liquid cooler, and I just replaced previous thermal paste with fresh Arctic MX-2. I also own an FX-9590...

Jeremy Collake

I'll keep this request in mind. It is not the first time someone has asked to integrate CPU temperatures into rules. Maybe it will added going forward, but probably not anytime soon.

The problem you have should not need to be addressed at the software level though, but you already know that ;). Something sounds a bit off, though I don't remember the nominal temperature for the 9590.

Thanks for the feedback!
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This CPU is known to be a tough cat to skin, but it's what I got, so I asked :)
From my perspective as a hobbyist coder, it would mean to reuse balancer code to check for cpu temperature instead of free resources, but obviously I am painting it way easier than it really is!