My profiles are not saving the CPU affinity settings fully ?

Started by blackbat, October 27, 2019, 02:11:58 PM

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My profiles are not saving the CPU affinity settings fully ?  I don't want to have to reset them every time. Is the a way to save the profile fully ? Thanks !  :)

Jeremy Collake

They should be saved fully, but rules applied in the prior profile aren't undone. So, for instance, a CPU affinity on notepad.exe of 1-4 will carry over to the next profile you select UNLESS you create an over-riding rule to reset the affinity of notepad.exe to all cores.

Does that explain what you see?
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Thanks for reply   I trying different settings whilst using  X plane 11  & I'm trying to allow  x plane to use  cores 2-7    & everything else I want to put on cores 1-2. So Ive created a profile named " x plane using 2 to 7".  But I don't see any save button so I assume it auto saves to that profile ?  When I close down Process Lasso  & restart  many of the CPU Affinity settings have returned to default ?   I have the paid version, is there a manual ? + has someone created a x plane 11 profile that can be shared?  Or does it have to be bespoke to your own computer /program build ? Cheers J


* Sorry I mean " everything else on 0 to 1 cores  Thanks J


This thread might help too.

You shouldn't need to make a new profile to set your apps/games, just do it in the default profile.

If you make a new one you will then have to make all the changes to that profile.
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Jeremy Collake

Right, it saves to the profile you are in, hence no save button.

The only documentation is here: . I won't claim it is likely to be helpful in this case.

There are a few possibilities here, but before I go speculating, could you maybe take a few screenshots to show what you are seeing? This will help clarify the issue.

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