portable process lasso not working

Started by asus1610, October 06, 2011, 02:26:48 PM

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I just downloaded the process lasso portable version today and did the followings:

    Extract archive to my removable media
    Open Process Lasso folder on removable media when ready to launch
    Double click "_Start-ProcessLasso.bat"

After the last stage nothing happened, I checked the task manager, only one exe file executing regarding this program "ProcessGovernor.exe"

My OS is windows XP SP2, is there anything which is a requirement for this to work I should install ?
Then I download installable version, it is the same! nothing happens after running the program. I mean the program is not launching!!

Thanks for the help

Jeremy Collake

I have not been able to reproduce this bug in testing.

I did notice one little anomaly, that could prevent the GUI from fully starting (though not have its whole process missing). That is, when first run, you'll be asked to pick a language. This dialog can get hidden behind other Windows, causing a user interface halt.

Of course, also be sure to be launching it from a 'real' folder and not the ZIP archive made to look like a folder by Explorer ;)

I have NO doubt this is what you are seeing, so I am not sure how to explain this. There are a few minor fixes and such I am backporting from the new beta series soon, so perhaps one will help ;o.

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