Beta .4 wouldn't auto-update to .5

Started by gman68w, October 08, 2011, 03:56:56 PM

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Using the "Check for Updates" method of update with BETA v5.1.0.4, I was told I had the latest version. The only way I could update was to download v5.1.0.5 and install is manually.


I second. I had to download beta 5 manually, because Process Lasso did not update itself even with checked "Beta versions" option.

EDIT: I checked again, installed beta 4 to check whether it was not that server did not *know* beta 5, and beta 4 still says that there is no newer version.
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worked here, I manually use "check for updates" option every few days or when I think new version is out . It worked fine here yesterday> .
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Jeremy Collake

This is not something that you'll find uncommon. Sometimes I will delay the push of an update, for one reason or another. On rare times I won't even push an update out, if it is too minor.

In this case, anomalies in the update system caused me some hesitation. You will get notified depending on the build you have, but v5.1.0.4 users may not be notified until I complete some testing of the update system here. That should be a few hours, but could be longer in a worst case scenario.

If it is anything important, you WILL get notified of it though, at one time or another, you can count on that ;)
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Right , there been few times I see you put new version but it didn't trigger update for me . I check changelog/forum and find out its some minor thing and that is reason why . next version updates fine .

I have never had issue with auto-updates so far, worked every time .
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