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Started by arcanum, October 20, 2011, 03:38:59 AM

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Hi all,

Im new user here and i just bought family license.

And i like to thank Jeremy for this program. Impressive one-man job here and awesome customer support.
Thats why i bought family license. For you Jeremy, not for the "company". I always support one-man coders that do great things instead of malvares.

Ok. :D

My old MS office hunged my computer completely. PL says that responsiveness is 100%. All is so slow, even mouse movement is slow.
This happens time to time, like all MS softwares do :D

I was srprised, how ms office processes got 100% cpu and PL says that responsiveness 100%.
Dunno how its possilble, because if i set office prosesses to 50%, it still eats the shit.

Anyway, keep up the good work Jeremy!

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for your compliments, and most of all for your support ;). Without you, I could not keep doing what I love to do.

As for your problem, this is an issue... the system responsiveness algorithm is not perfect. It is pretty darn good, one of those 'so simple its beautiful' type things. But, it is not perfect. I can not explain why it does not move during such occurrences without more evaluation, but I would suspect that it is because the bottleneck is elsewhere --- perhaps the storage medium (HDD?) or virtual memory issue (too many hard page faults, aka paging). It would require much more analysis. I just don't have an answer ;o. I am sorry. It *sounds* like a paging issue, as that pretty much stops everything... and wouldn't necessarily show on Process Lasso's responsiveness calculation.

If Vista or above, the Resource Monitor may give you some clue as to what is going on. In XP or below (or /w Vista), classic PerfMon can be used. Try monitoring 'Page faults' per second by adding that counter to the view. That may show you if this is the problem. If not, perhaps another counter can be utilized to help tell you what is going on.

I am sorry I do not have a better answer. I will think more on it and pop back in if I have an epiphany.
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