Introducing Energy Saver - Save electricity without compromising on performance

Started by Jeremy Collake, October 17, 2011, 10:47:14 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Power Saver - Save energy, don’t compromise performance

RENAMED Energy Saver in next build.

Many of you already use Process Lasso’s Power Management functions. However, now there is a new addition in the latest beta (v5.1.0.7): Power Saver. Using this exciting new feature, you can operate in High Performance (for instance), but have it drop to Power Saver or Balanced when the PC goes idle for a few seconds. When you return to your PC, your previous power profile is restored.

This is useful in multiple scenarios, including:

  • For PCs that are set to sleep, it can conserve power in the interval between going inactivate and actually sleeping.
  • For PCs that stay on constantly, it can conserve power when the user is away, but not sacrifice ANY performance when the user is present.
  • etc..

Of course, ALL power profiles are supported, but this feature is only for Vista and above at present. I never have added support for the now deprecated XP Power Schemes. Microsoft refactored the entire Power subsystems in Vista+, so they are incompatible.

I will have more to say about this soon ;). Also keep in mind it is in EARLY BETA TESTING.

Needless to say, a better introduction to this new feature will be forthcoming. I do not write well when in coding mode ;)
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Jeremy Collake

Note that, of course, this is no magical way to save electricity for everybody, instantly. It only applies to that subset who prefer to run in a higher performance power profile.
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The same functionality as Epu 6 engine for Asus mother boards it seems. Have used this on my computer for a long time works very well !
This is a good thing for Process Lasso users.
Is it disabled by default?

Kind regards

Jeremy Collake

Yes, disabled by default. It is no surprise that some MB manufacturers came up with such an idea too in their power profile management tools. Some of their tools have good ideas and are done well, some aren't. The one thing that bothers me is that none of them check for updates automatically, at least none I've had. I mean, they check for BIOS updates and such, but not utility updates. Why care? Because no software is perfect at conception.
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Jeremy Collake

New features were added to this in the last beta, including disabling log entries and not acting when multimedia class processes are active (gaming mode processes being added too).

My experiences with this new feature have been extremely good. I find it very, very useful. I have a cheapo UPS that does have one good attribute - it shows wattage being used. It is great to see me be able to remain in High Performance, but then drop down to Balanced after I go idle for only seconds. Of course, other users may stay in Balanced [the default on a retail Windows install, OEM installs typically have customized power profiles], and drop down to Power Saver when idle.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.