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Started by Marctraider, February 24, 2020, 09:26:18 AM

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I have a question whether process lasso is capable of this;

Can i set it so the program automatically changes priority of ALL (allowed, and future spawned) processes to lets say Idle, and optionally make exclusions on this?

And / or at the same time make process lasso override this with Foreground window process boosting?


Edit: nvm, does not seem possible. Foreground booster doesnt seem to override watchdog rules. Sadly.
Also doesnt seem possible to exclude processes if using * with watchdog.


There no exclusion with priorities, but you can group select many processes in GUI to whatever priority you want. use sort columns, like you, could sort on priority, then select all normal priorities and set them to idle (use shift key).
That way you don't have to do each one manually.

Word of caution tweaking so many priorities can or may cause trouble depending on the process.
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Jeremy Collake

That isn't something that is facilitated, mostly because you shouldn't do it ;).

I recommend making as few adjustments as you can get by with.
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