Process Lasso (Notifications???)

Started by Senlac_Hill, March 21, 2020, 11:14:36 PM

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Does Process Lasso fire off a WAV or other sound file when it does certain things???? Just curious. I have been getting an odd sound file run for a second several times a day, and nothing seems to point to it. I have checked Events, Task Scheduler, and various other things.... Is there anything that would capture such an event?

Thank you.....

Jeremy Collake

There is only an old option to make a sound when ProBalance events are taken, but it defaults to OFF. See attached screenshot.

Other than that, the only sounds would be on update notifications, and those would be the default sound Windows is configured to make when a new notification occurs.

It therefore seems unlikely Process Lasso is the cause, but you can check that option, and even shut Process Lasso down (and its governor) to rule it out.
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