idlesaver caught the flu?

Started by bertie97, March 23, 2020, 08:33:52 AM

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Updated to beta beta x64 on Win10, & idlesaver has stopped working.
I've tried changing values but I have to manually change power plans at the moment.

Thanks for the continued work on PL JC, still can't live without it. :)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for reporting the issue. We haven't been able to reproduce it at this time. Everything seems nominal.

Do you have any IdleSaver exclusions set, or a Performance Mode process running that would prevent IdleSaver from acting, by configuration?
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks for the reply JC.
I may have found a clue, I'm using PC as well, & I found that if I changed Park Controls' power profile, the system then starts responding with profile changes.  i started by giving PC a lower power profile than PL.

However it will not drop to Power Saver at all.  I now have both set to High Performance with a switch to power saver after 15 seconds of no-interaction. This worked before the update.
Now PL & PC have both started showing switches between Hi Perf & Ultimate perf subject to load increase.

I do have don't sleep active on some things, some of those are lower perf & things like Handbrake are high.  Running either or both doesn't effect auto-profile change.

It appears that it will stay on my setting of Hi Perf with only a browser & AV +PL & PC running, ie nothing with any special settings, for as long as I leave it, (even tho the higher performance state were & are currently off as I'm not running a game (or Steam) or anything.) 

Update -
just noticed that Main>Performance Mode was ticked, unticking allows changes.....  :-[
Not sure why it was ticked tho  ::)
Guess you'll have to slap me upside the head.  :'(