No increase in performance while using Process Lasso

Started by WiteXDan, March 01, 2020, 12:39:51 PM

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For past 2 days I did quite a lot of benchmarks in Shadow of War with different types of settings, but couldn't get any increase in performance (only slight decrease), so I'm looking for help to get it fixed.

My specs:
Geforce gtx 1660,
ASRock H110M-DGS,
DDR4 16 GB 2133MHz CL14
(I did all tests with only a few crucial apps running so that might be the problem)


Tests without Process Lasso running got (almost) always better results.
I will leave interpretation to others since I am 100% sure how it all works.

I also did informal tests in other games (Apex Legends, Kingdom Come and some more) with similar results.

Jeremy Collake

Process Lasso can't always increase performance, especially on well-tuned PCs. However, its ProBalance will be there to act when problematic background processes interfere with responsiveness and/or performance.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks for a reply. My PC actually has a lot of issues and I've seen some people claim they got 10 more fps, but I kinda get why it decreases FPS on my system.

Jeremy Collake

It is exceedingly unlikely that it actually decreases FPS. More testing to average results should reveal that you are within the margin of error.

Regardless, as I said, it is important for ProBalance to be there to act when background processes become active. These problematic background loads can happen unprectably, potentially causing lags in game play.

Finally, Process Lasso is more focused on automation and giving the user full control of running processes.

As great as it is, Process Lasso is not magic, and nobody should go in expecting a huge gain in FPS, or a panacea for all ails.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.