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Title: Process Lasso v3.70 released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on October 21, 2009, 11:38:31 AM
This version represents a large product overhaul. Just when you thought Process Lasso couldn't get an leaner, memory use was dramatically reduced through the removal of the COM interface on our  process control module. Furthermore, the product was transformed into 100% UNICODE (previous builds were only partially UNICODE). New feature additions include differentiation between individual svchost.exe instances, the ability to designate processes that prevent PC sleep and/or enter the High Performance power scheme, process listview tooltips, and much more!

Download for Windows:
Download for Windows x64:
PRO/Registered version download:

Revision history for v3.70 (minor updates, i.e. 3.70.7, are listed at the end):