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Title: Windows 10 (Preview)
Post by: BenYeeHua on September 30, 2014, 08:37:11 PM
This is what you can check, or just download tomorrow and check for yourself. ;) ( ( (

Look like the modern apps support windowed now, they also changed the Full Screen start menu to Tablet mode.
CMD support shortcut like CTRL + V, Virtual Desktop and new Full Screen ALT + TAB(not sure people will like this or not).
No news for how to combine the Classic and Modern Settings, so I hope it will not be too bad.

And also maximized the space by making the window border become much smaller than Win 8, of cause you can change it now even if you don't wanna install Windows 10. (

It look like they also has much faster update rate for Preview, not sure it will also coming to Release version or not.
Windows 10 helps keep customers secure and up to date

Windows 10 will be delivered in a way that gives more choice and flexibility to businesses. As a result, a business can pick the speed of innovation that is right for each group of its users, rather than apply a one size fits all solution.

Businesses will be able to opt-in to the fast-moving consumer pace, or lock-down mission critical environments to receive only security and critical updates to their systems. And businesses will have an in-between option for systems that aren’t mission critical, but need to keep pace with the latest innovations without disrupting the flow of business. And the choice isn’t one or the other for businesses; we expect that most will require a mixed approach where a number of scenarios can be accommodated.

Consumers, and opt-in businesses, will be able to take advantage of the latest updates as soon as they are available, delivered via Windows Update. Business customers can segment their own user groups, and choose the model and pace that works for them. They will have more choice in how they consume updates, whether through Windows Update or in a managed environment. And for all scenarios, security and critical updates will be delivered on a monthly basis.

Anyways, no Aero, the start menu also don't look like they has a transparent too, and the Taskbar is transparent like Win 8.

But the Taskbar will always be there now, until you start a Full Screen "EXE" apps, I think.
(Modern Apps will also getting the Taskbar showing below when it is Tablet mode, so it is just a maximize the Modern apps without Titlebar only)
Not sure they will disable the ability to hide the Taskbar for Full Screen apps or not.
(Of cause it will always be gone for Game)
And ya, they also updated the Icon for Windows Explorer, This PC, Desktop, Favorites and Networks etc..., it look "Modern" now.
But not the other like download folder etc, they still using the old icon.

The Windows Explorer also has a new "Home", you can see it on this time, and you might start disable the Frequency List for your private now, or your friend can just open the Explorer to check for your file much more easy than now(which is hidden very well and always be forgotten). ;D (
I also wonder how will Windows Defender become, much stronger or much more protection?
Title: Re: Windows 10 (Preview)
Post by: BenYeeHua on October 01, 2014, 12:16:04 PM
And, it is released, but the ISO size look strange, it is difference than the website provided.... ???
You need outlook to join, but you can also just download the ISO directly from other website, and it may not support local account like the Windows 8.1 Preview, so.... ( (

They also provided SHA1 to validate the file, so remember to validate it after download complete. ;)
Just checked awhile, look like you don't need to join the program to download and install, so... ::) (
Title: Re: Windows 10 (Preview)
Post by: edkiefer on October 01, 2014, 12:34:12 PM
All I want to know is what happened to Win9 ?  ;D
Title: Re: Windows 10 (Preview)
Post by: BenYeeHua on October 02, 2014, 06:58:44 AM
Based on Google, people that working for MS said that, it is because many software detect Windows 9* as Windows 9x and causing compatibility issues, so they forced to rename it as Windows 10. ;) ( ( (
And ya, keep in mind that if you upgrade your os to this preview, you has bigger chance to lost your APP when Win 10 RTM is out.
So it is better that you install it as another OS. :)

This is what's happen to Windows 8.1 Preview, so it may happen to Windows 10 preview as well.
You can download the update for free from the Windows Store. You'll be able to keep your personal files, but you'll need to reinstall your apps. Make sure you have any original installation media that might be required for apps that were not installed from the Windows Store. (
Title: Re: Windows 10 (Preview)
Post by: BenYeeHua on October 10, 2014, 11:41:38 AM
Windows 10技术预览版本次在内核部分比较大的一个改动,是将已经有20多年历史的内核Win32k系统进行了代码重构,并将其一分为三。Win32k是Windows窗口系统的内核部分,管理着系统的窗口显示、屏幕输出、消息传递、键盘鼠标触摸的输入输出等用户交互部分,同时也包括了图形设备接口和为DirectX提供的接口封装。本次Windows10技术预览版中用户感受到的用户界面的体验与性能的大幅提升,可能就与该系统的重构密不可分。
本次Windows10技术预览版也带来了一些新的操作系统级底层安全机制,例如开启了曾在Windows 8.1泄露版中被发现,在正式版中被关闭的执行流控制防护(CFG),可能会为针对Windows 10技术预览版的用户态漏洞攻击提高一定的门槛。
郑文彬同时指出,Windows 10技术预览版中内核的重构也为安全软件支持Windows10技术预览版带了一些技术困难,由于大部分具备完整主动防御功能的安全软件都需要针对Win32k系统进行处理以便实现针对UI攻击的防护,此次改动导致安全厂商不得不修改一些机制来适应重构后的win32k系统,一些技术实力不足,内核代码考虑欠佳的安全厂商甚至在Windows10技术预览版上直接蓝屏。
Hmm, based on the news, it look like Windows 10 reconstruct the Win32k, and also enabled CFG(I don't found the full name of it, but it has been in Windows 8.1 Preview before...)
I guess reconstruct the Win32k is also because of DirectX12?