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About v5.1

Started by Jeremy Collake, November 06, 2011, 12:59:43 PM

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Jeremy Collake

First, as a beta series, it has been perhaps the most stable beta series I've ever issued. I've only fixed and added things, and everything has worked beautifully. I do have more work to do, but release is imminent and final comments are welcome. Of course, release of v5.1 doesn't mean development stops. You know me, I'll have minor updates to it for a long time afterwards.

The one thing I did delay was backports to v5.0.0.49/50 (server edition has a .50). I had to make a decision: Backport these minor changes and release a new final, or wait for v5.1. Since v5.1 was so close, I made the decision to wait. Good idea? I don't know. However, every update has risk involved, and requires regression testing -- no matter how small. Therefore, I simply decided to not take the risk. After all, v5.0.0.49 is a fine build. v5.1 is even finer ;)

v5.1 has many important fixes and additions, including the much anticipated Energy Saver.
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