Samsung Power Profile vs. BitSum

Started by swambast, May 03, 2020, 09:38:34 PM

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I have Samsung SSDs and notice Samsung also employs a Power Profile.  For certain games, I set Process Lasso to "Bitsum Highest Performance."  But how does this impact the Samsung profile - meaning is there any impact to SSD performance, or why would Samsung use a unique Power Profile as well? 


I am not aware of a Samsung power plan, I know they have there Nvme driver and Samsung Magician can change the power plan to HP.
Is this a Samsung PC?

Anyway, IMO use the BHP one.
As far as performance, BHP disables most power saving features to help with responsiveness.
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Jeremy Collake

I'd have to research Samsung's power profile, but it is unlikely there is any concern or difference in SSD performance. If anything, BHP likely offers better performance.

Usually custom power plans are created to offer a new balance between power saving and performance.

Bitsum Highest Performance is 'all out performance', so should cover whatever Samsung's power plan does, and then some.
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