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Process Lasso: Excessive CPU => Jerky Mouse

Started by lmstearn, July 02, 2020, 10:39:05 AM

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Hi there,
From the last couple of PL updates, the PC has been left on for a few hours each day- (can't hibernate because of this issue). After about 5 or 6 hours of usual activity, the system becomes sluggish and the mouse seizes up somewhat (memories of some bugginess in Win 3.0). PL is orange in the systray, and task manager reports it as anything from 5 to 35%, and the input to any PL menus or forms is very slow.
Once PL is terminate through task manager, things are better.
The rig was update to 1909 around 3 months ago- PL was fine at first, although the icon in the systray never failed to come up as orange for a few seconds before coming green.
Apologies, as this is an old rig, so something might be starting to fail- the system logs don't show to much- although it has rebooted during the play of videos once or twice. If the GPU is failing, it's hard to track.
Any ideas welcome.

Jeremy Collake

I would need more data to evaluate this.

Although I have no reason to suspect there is any problem, to cover our bases, please report Process Lasso memory use (as shown by 'Private bytes' in Lasso or Task Manager) when this situation arises.

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Please refer to the attachments. The CPU usage is all peaks and troughs. MS Teams is using a lot of CPU. Are there any known issues with that program?


Here's another one with higher usage:

Jeremy Collake

All values look nominal with Process Lasso.

I can't speak for issues external to Lasso. I use Teams and can only say there are no interoperability issues with Lasso.

I suspect you will eventually discover the problem to be unrelated to Process Lasso.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks. Will let you know when anything crops up.
As a matter of interest, in the custom power plan changed the multimedia sharing setting "Allow the computer to sleep" to "Prevent idling to sleep." Sleep on this rig has to be avoided because of previous related issues.


Another update (may or may not be related):
PL having been terminated, now MS Photos looks problematic. Its CPU usage increases as does svchost and RuntimeBroker. The MS Photos process peaks at around 5% before becoming suspended. OneDrive appears to be behaving this time. Might be time to check the filesystem here as well.  ;)
Edit: Teams has exceeded half a gigabyte in RAM, although this is not unusual.