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Started by Globespy, April 07, 2023, 01:33:21 PM

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I've been a long time user of Process Lasso, however since going to a AMD 5000 series platform (5800X3D), I was of the mind that using the Windows balanced profile was the best option, so I haven't used PL for a while.
Recent posts in Reddit seem to indicate this may not be the best option, so I reinstalled the latest version of PL.
On first start, it is showing 'Max Performance Overlay', and on checking available power plans, it seems there's no such thing as 'Bitsum High Performance', which is what I had always used?
There's also nothing about this 'Max Performance Overlay' in the help documentation?

Even with the 'Max Performance Overlay' showing in PL, Windows still shows the active power plan as 'Balanced', so I am unsure of whether PL is even working?

I ran searched in the forums for 'Max Performance Overlay' and no results, which is even more odd??
Appreciate some feedback and maybe some tips for quick setup for the 5800X3D CPU.

I did find an article saying something about Windows (I'm on latest Win 11 build) only uses 'Balanced' plans with sliders (actually drop downs in Win 11) to change between power saving and performance of that balanced plan.
I have the balanced plan, but I still see Windows High Performance as well if I wanted to choose that, and this is a fresh install of Win 11.
I also read that using the Overlays in PL is preferred? If so, do I simply ensure that each game or other process that I want to run at it's maximum performance has the option 'Performance Mode Enabled' checked?

Jeremy Collake

That's normal, as you discovered.

Windows now uses tiers of the Balanced power plan, with 'Max Performance Overlay' being one. They are called Power Modes. This page has more information on these new Power Modes, which you already found.

Most systems do still have traditional power plans hidden behind the scenes, though aren't used unless you manually activate them.

I recommend using the new Power Modes of Balanced.

The 'Induce Performance Mode' per-process option will ensure that either Max Performance Overlay or BHP is in use when that game is running. So, if you desire that power profile automation, you should use it.

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any tips about the X3D CPUs to give you at this time.
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Thanks for the reply.
I also realized that BHP is not installed by default anymore, so when I had a couple of games selected to run with 'induce performance mode', the log shows power plan changed to 'unknown', which I am guessing is going to default to 'balanced' and not even Max performance Overlay'?

Also, since I had selected 'Incude performance mode', I can no longer deselect it, it gives an error on screen. Even when I choose the 'Reset All Options' option in PL, then close and restart PL, when I have the game running I can see that 'Indue Performance Mode' remains active, which as I have mentioned is 'UNKNOWN'.
Why can't I remove this 'Indue Performance Mode' selection?
I have manually instructed PL to use 'Max performance overlay' for the game, but yet the log shows it's still trying to change to power plan 'UNKNOWN', which I presume is because it can't find BHP mode because it's not installed by default?

Appreciate some help.

Jeremy Collake

Try unchecking menu item 'Options / Power / Performance Mode / Enable Automatic Detection (e.g. Steam)'. That may be the source of the persisting Performance Mode.

I'll get back to you on the 'UNKNOWN' in the log. It should list the Power Mode (overlay) name, and seems to in quick testing here. There may be some peculiarity in your upgrade path, or system power config. Microsoft introduced considerable complexity by extending the Balanced power plan horizontally, while still allowing the traditional power plans to exist and be somewhat operable. Due to this, there's been a loss of consistency between devices, so we've had to take great care to ensure proper operation.
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Just a follow up.
Still seeing the 'unknown' power plan unless I manually select a power plan for the running app or process.
Seems like every program or process is this way, if I right click on a running program or process and then choose power profile, they're always at 'None'.
Additionally, I no longer see the 'Max Performance Overlay' at all on any program?
Running latest Win 11 build 22621.2861
Any suggestions?

Jeremy Collake

Try opening menu item 'Options / Power / Performance Mode / Select Power Profile' and select the power plan or overlay that it should use. You may have a reference there to a power plan or overlay that no longer exists.

If that doesn't work, please post your INI config file here. You can get to it by menu item 'File / Manually Edit Configuration'.

Please also include the output of the following when run from the command prompt:
powercfg.exe /l
A screenshot of the power profiles and/or overlays that Process Lasso lists would be helpful as well. You can get this from any menu or window that lists them.
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