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Started by gatorhead, August 20, 2020, 02:23:29 PM

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Hi, I dL latest version of process lasso and now, in the action log, I am getting "ERROR setting process CPU Affinity" for some of the processes i have designated an affinity for. If i try to manually set an affinity, i get an error message "there was an error changing the CPU affinity for this process. This is likely due to insufficient access rights to the process".

Never had an issue before.

Note, this only affects about ~12 processes, the rest adjust per the affinity rules I have set.
I recently took the win10 2004 update and the new PL update.

I tried running the process governor as administrator, with no improvement.

Jeremy Collake

Those are all protected system processes. You will not be able to set the CPU affinity for them, nor should you.

The reason the behavior changed is because this new version now lists and manages those processes, whereas the old version simply ignored them.

You should remove rules that set CPU affinities for those processes, and/or increase the precision of your CPU affinity rules. However, the log errors are harmless, except for the clutter.
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Got it, makes sense and thanks for the quick response!


While running Process Lasso as administrator didn't help, some system processes are inherently protected. You might be seeing the error for these protected processes which Process Lasso cannot modify.
Solution: Check the specific processes encountering the error. If they are system processes, consider removing the affinity rule for them as modifying them could be unnecessary or even harmful.