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Started by Ramesh, October 18, 2023, 07:15:18 PM

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I'd like to know when choosing Induce Performance Mode there is a pop up that appears that says it will run the program on the p cores does this mean my e cores do not get used or does it priotize p cores then e cores?

Also Induce Performance Mode is a per application setting what about Performance Mode? Is that a global all application setting?

Love the program been using it for years. I've just upgraded to the 13900KS so want to utilize this program properly

Thank you ❤️


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Thank you so much for the clarification. I fully understand it now ❤️

Jeremy Collake

Performance Mode is unrelated to Efficiency Mode, as confusing as that may be. The naming of Efficiency Mode was adopted from Windows.

That is why, when adding a Performance Mode rule, it asks if you also want to create an Efficiency Mode OFF rule that will prevent the process from being automatically scheduled to the E-cores.

Performance Mode induces a system-wide change of the power plan (to BHP), but additional per-process tuning may occur in the future. For instance, it may eventually be more tightly coupled with Efficiency Mode or other features.
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