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Started by BenYeeHua, November 21, 2011, 02:02:32 PM

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I asking about this because my Terminal Services has damage and the Process Lasso jump up the window discovered has been disable.I had repair it now and it operating now.
This question also asking about the Process Lasso

My windows is Windows XP sp3

Because the ******** has a function is for optimize the windows start-up program and services, as default, it will disable Terminal Services to start-up faster. ***** ADMIN EDITS


If I disable it now, the performance of the computer will be slow down and the operation of Process Lasso will affect of not???


Because Process Lasso also can operating correctly after I disabled Terminal Services, only when it has damaged Process Lasso will not operating correctly.

I hope you can reading my questions clearly and give a most accurate answer(because only Microsoft Developers can give it correctly)
Can Be Disable It or Must Be Enable It for improve computer Performance.


After I get the most accurate answer from Technical staff of Process Lasso(as it has investigate to optimize the process for a long time), I will report to [USERNAME] about this if Terminal Services must be enable when the windows is start-up or it can be disable and enable for some software like Process Lasso.
Other question about Process Lasso, the function of Hyper-Threaded Core Avoidance, will it enable Intel hyper threading technology automatic on some process that support multiprocessing, or it will only enable for some game that support multiprocessing when gaming mode is on, so that the performance of game/application can be improved.

And I also hope that Process Lasso can optimize the CPU usage on Netbook Processer as it has been used about 50% of CPU on Netbook with Intel atom one core Processer.

Thank You and Sorry For My Bad English.

Jeremy Collake

Terminal Services, later renamed Remote Desktop Services, is an essential component of Windows that facilitates Fast User Switching (multiple users logged in, so you can switch from one to another) and service isolation into session 0 for Vista and above, making it near mandatory in Vista+. It also, of course, facilitates Remote Desktop and a variety of other things. It has negligible overhead, so these utilities that disable it, claiming some performance benefit are simply not being truthful.

Process Lasso can operate without Terminal Services, but it is recommended to leave it at its default setting of Automatic. Microsoft set that as the default for a reason. Many applications do rely on it.

I do not know about these % you give, but do not trust corporate made software. Their intention is to sell you software, and show you numbers you want to see.
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I had to look it up as never heard of it either .


Sounds like similar MOD EDIT: MADE_TO_SALE_CORPORATE products
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Jeremy Collake

More copycats pop up every day. I can not stress this enough: They are designed to part you with your money, so remember that in whatever it is they 'tell you'. This is not true of all products, but there are many like this. That is why it is so hard for legitimate products to make it. There is software out there that will straight up lie to you. They will use the placebo effect to take your money in many cases.

Terminal Services should be set to Automatic (default) on all XP/2K PCs, in my opinion. In Vista+, you are forced to keep it enabled if you want a secure system, as more of the OS relies on it.
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Jeremy Collake

And it should have been a tip-off the absurd claim this program to disable PL and the result. That is just impossible, no matter if the program was the worst in the world. Some people, maybe these people, want your $$$$, and will tell you anything.
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I didn't realize the link would be a problem . I will say this about that company as I see it . If you have to seed Betanews with bot 5 star reviews I don't have much respect for your product . I noticed this on many of there product reviews .

PS: I am talking of company name I posted, not OP one as I have no idea on that one and can't read it .
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Quote from: bitsum.support on November 21, 2011, 05:02:20 PM
And it should have been a tip-off the absurd claim this program to disable PL and the result. That is just impossible, no matter if the program was the worst in the world. Some people, maybe these people, want your $$$$, and will tell you anything.
For [REMOVED] is yes, they has take the user money by using sms. And some user has been taken for more than 2 years
But for [REMOVED], it is really free for user, but the optimize for windows, they has change so many setting and getting wrong.
This is the information about [REMOVED]

And some function that has conflict like, user can enable [REMOVED] engine at [REMOVED], but at [REMOVED], it got 2 basic engine like [REMOVED] engine and [REMOVED] engine, if enable [REMOVED] engine at [REMOVED], it will not disable [REMOVED] engine at [REMOVED] automatic, so that maybe will cause big problem because of enabling 2 antivirus engine.

And also optimize by changing the setting that can be changed using TweakScheduler v1.01 inside the Process Lasso.
It change as 26 Hex and maybe will crash the system also.
And other thing like I/O Page Limit as 67108864, Prefetch as only for system boot etc...

And they also got a good result in AV-C and VB100, and also develop QVM AI engine and I can find that at some Hacker Forum, many of them ask why they trojan or virus has been detect by [REMOVED] product by the QVM AI engine.
Yes I know that getting good result in AV-C and VB100 only mean that they can detect virus and trojan great.Not for other function.

They also fight with [REMOVED] because of the software(qq) has scan user file by unknown reason and reporting some of them back to they server, I think you was hearing about this 2 years ago.
And [REMOVED] is a big company that has many area they involved in, and many of them are copycat from famous software like [REMOVED].And they will say that the copied function is very different from that software...But only some software whatever is copied, but they has optimize it very nice...

And they also has [REMOVED] on user privacy protection[REMOVED] with a ultra-detailed about all function of the product, in the function, the function inside that function is for what, and what will they do if setting this setting that
like optimize start-up speed

So that if they has do something like taking user file without user setting upload automatic to check for virus, I think they company will no exist at here now because so many business enemy want to destroy they reputation like [REMOVED], [REMOVED], [REMOVED] and other company

Because [REMOVED] is good in anti-virus area but not for the area to optimize computer, I will report them about this problem.

Thank You for remind that look-out of the software but I really look-out for [REMOVED] software and other software sometimes by using this Process Monitor

And would you mind that I quote this page or some of words you say about Terminal Services without Changing Any words or Meaning???
So that I can report it more easily as if the 99% of user has disable Terminal Services is real, this can help so many user to taking back they computer performance and other software maybe need this service to operating without eating computer performance as I feel My computer are faster than disable it now with operating more than 12 hours.

Thank You again and Sorry about my Bad English.
And Thank You also for getting more knowledge about services this complex area.


The problem with those types of optimizers that try and disable services on your system is they never know how "you" use your system or whats installed . different apps need different services and even how you setup your own OS . The only way I can see it even remotely working is if it scanned what app are installed and then don't mess with services that are needed . Even there it would be problematic .

At end of the day most services don't really cause to much of a overhead . I myself go through some, but only ones I know I never come across or need cause if you do set something say disabled now, are you going to remember it later . also if I do want to limit a service I try first manual setting, not the disabled one .
So best to just leave it unless you really know whats going on in the OS and want to do research on each service and any downside of disabling it .
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Ya and I just thinking like you.

If the optimize software can be set which services can be disable and must be enable for some software like Process Lasso, and if they add this function by adding the information(services required) on every software information in their optimize software.
And the software will also asking for want to disable it or not like DNS Client Services as I am using Nightly(Firefox) which containing function that cache the dns already and the delay to get the ip address from dns servers that we set or ISP set is less than >100ms as it not affect my normal use.

This [REMOVED] software already has the function to detect which software has been install in your computer and also can detect that software must use file is modified or not, and I will report to [REMOVED] to add this function.

And this software also set manual for some services like Background Intelligent Transfer Service, it will not disable it as windows update and other software need it as it will not start when the windows is start-up

But for some services like Terminal Services, it disable for it, maybe it will be enable by other services and the technical of [REMOVED] think this service is no need to enable as many people do not using Windows remote control(if they only see the surface function of this service and not research for what is the real function of it) and using other remote control software like Teamviewer.

Thank You and Sorry For My Bad English.

Jeremy Collake

@BenYeeHua: Clearly you did not read or understand.

The recommendation is to leave Terminal Services AUTOMATIC or ENABLED (same for Background Intelligent Transfer). Terminal Services has many more functions than what could MIS-represented to the general public. It is NOT just for the few things you list. Its unfortunate renaming exacerbated confusion.

Please do not mention other software again.

The overhead of these services is minimal. They are critical Windows services. Windows, and applications, need them. Do not change your service configuration, that is my recommendation. You'll get no real benefit, but may get a wide array of problems.
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Quote from: bitsum.support on November 22, 2011, 01:47:53 PM
@BenYeeHua: Clearly you did not read or understand.

The recommendation is to leave Terminal Services AUTOMATIC or ENABLED (same for Background Intelligent Transfer). Terminal Services has many more functions than what could MIS-represented to the general public. It is NOT just for the few things you list. Its unfortunate renaming exacerbated confusion.

Please do not mention other software again, and you do not have permission to repeat any content from this forum.

The overhead of these services is minimal. They are critical Windows services. Windows, and applications, need them. Do not change your service configuration, that is my recommendation. You'll get no real benefit, but may get a wide array of problems.

Thank about helping me, and I found the real cause, is a software that clean the registry too deep and make all the services and program has been confuse on setting manual on the services, it will become disable.
And also cause some or my services cannot enable and jump out the error 1058(The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.)

After I repair using default setting of all services, it operation normal now with getting back the missing services and now the software will only setting manual, not disable like before.

I will careful using that software that cause this problem and other software that having same function on it.

Thank you, And I am really sorry to inconvenience you and other people that reply this topic.

And this is the end for this topic.

Jeremy Collake

I am glad you found the real cause.

Thank you, and I am sorry for being direct. It is just that you seemed to not understand fully, and I wanted to make it clear. There is a lot of software out there that will try to lie to you.

As you discovered, registry cleaners that are too aggressive can cause troubles. You also describe, in your case, the trouble turned out to be it disabling critical services. As said above, the benefit of both registry cleaning and disabling of services is negligible, but the potential problems are huge. See this for more info on registry cleaners (at bottom of page): http://www.bitsum.com/regmerge.php#facts

I apologize for the communication difficulties. You may link to this thread, and you may use excerpts from this thread, so long as they are properly attributed.
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I also apologize for the communication difficulties as my National language is Bahasa Malaysia, not English Language.
And this month also as my exam time and I am bad in English, so I do not have time to understand clearly.

As you say, I know there are many software are trying to kill our computer, and they just decline that and say that you have press the button yourself.

And I also like this type of forum, they will try to explain clearly to help the user and most of user will find they answer themselves before post the topics. At other forum, I saw many type of topics like this, I have infected with the virus that anti-virus cannot kill, and I open it and only saw empty without anything like virus name, the sample of virus and other information we needed to help them and it is happening just as I am typing.

And also thank you for helping me to solve this problem and give me more knowledge about services.

Now I only want to asking for new function for Process Lasso.
1. Can provide a Netbook mode???
as the information page has say
Process Lasso is very useful and effective on even the latest high-end PCs. However, its ProBalance algorithm achieves maximum effect on PCs with relatively little CPU 'power', such as Netbooks, Tablets, and older desktops.

I have install into my friend's netbook, but I found that it still using high CPU usage(30-50) with operating some software like multimedia player, I think is the UI to show the information about CPU and Memory usage is eating the CPU.

2. User can manual Cancel the Hyper-Threaded Core Avoidance for some software that support multi-threading
Like game and multimedia player like MPC-HC that can using ffdshow or LAV Video(support multi-threading for H.264) and even Flash Player are using multi-threading for H.264 in their beta now, so user have the maximum performance for the multi-thread software without affect the preformance of software that not supporting multi-threading like Firefox(but they are trying to supporting multi-threading as I saw in their blog)

Like the function of gaming processes, provide a function for multi-threading processes.

As I am using Amd processor, I don know this function is having in Process Lasso or not.

3.Asking user really want to run as Gaming Mode when using laptop battery
If laptop is using battery to operate, when opening game, ask user really want to run as Gaming Mode as it will use more power and cause the battery consume more faster, this is very useful for user that uncareful that running the game and minimize the game as background and forgot to close it after unplug the power and using battery.

And also provide a tick for(never ask me again) for the user that using Alienware laptop

Thank You for Process Lasso has make my computer as a high responding computer whatever the other software is having hang like Nightly(Firefox). And sorry for my bad English also.

Jeremy Collake

1. Yes, but on Netbooks I recommend you hide the graph. Also, remember, when the Process Lasso main window is not open, it does not consume those resources. So, open it only when you have to. The next minor update hides the graph by default on Netbooks.

2. For AMD processors, the HyperThreaded core avoidance does not apply. On most later model Intel processors, HyperThreading makes each core appear as two, one real one, and real 'fake' (virtual) one. Although the Windows Scheduler can tell them apart and tries not to offload too much work to fake cores, it sometimes can. These fake cores provide a fraction of the performance of a real core. They are useful for multithreading, but can hurt performance if a particularly CPU heavy thread is tied to one for a small or long period.

3. The battery utilization will be impacted most by the power profile. With gaming mode the assumption is you are likely also using the High Performance power profile. You can adjust the settings of this profile in the Power Options of Windows, or ramp-up Balanced a bit higher. There is a trade off. Gaming mode itself does not inherently increase battery consumption, though playing a game under any power profile will ramp up all systems to near maximum power consumption unless you are using the Power Saver (or similarly configured) power profile. If XP or below, replace Power Profile with Power Scheme.

I hope this helps and I speak clearly. If you have questions, please let me know. Thank you.
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You have speak clearly and I have understand clearly, and this is my questions.

2. As I am using AMD processor and my sister are using Intel i5 2140M, I know this HyperThreading only having in Intel Processor.
So can provide a function is, when a multi-thread is added as multi-thread process is using a little CPU, enable HyperThreading for the process, only disable HyperThreading for the process after it become a particularly CPU heavy thread.So the process is having a better performance as the real core is not used full by all processes

3.So can provide a function is disable the Intel Turbo-boost function when using battery as the way I know to disable it is setting the Maximum processor state to 99%, but it also make the processor only using 99% without turbo-boost not using 100% without turbo-boost.

Hope you can correct my mistakes as I cannot do research for it without the hardware.

Jeremy Collake

2. Oh, I understand. I am sorry, I misunderstood. You want to engage HyperThreaded Core Avoidance only when the process is consuming a lot of CPU cycles. This makes sense. It can already be done by using the Affinity settings of ProBalance. Every other processor on the Intel machine is a 'fake' one. 0 is real, 1 is fake, 2 is real, 3 is fake, etc... In the ProBalance Configuration Dialog you can set it to adjust the affinity as well. However, this applies throughout the system. To do so for a specific process, or set of processes, is not *yet* supported. It will be in the future, but not at present ;o.

3. Energy Saver does that. Even if using Gaming mode, or in High Performance power profile, Energy Saver will drop down your power profile to the one you select after X seconds. It only works for Vista or above though. This way, as soon as you get up from your PC, it saves energy, but the moment you return, it returns to full performance.
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Thank You for telling Energy Saver has this type of function as I am using Desktop and cannot research for this.

I want to ask about
Additional Critical Worker Threads and Additional Delayed Worker Threads
The number I has set for my windows XP for both are 16, and found a performance increase for my computer, can I know what it this for???

and CPU time slice
In Tweak Scheduler, it is now show as short in Interval Length and 3:1 in Fixed/Variable Intervals.

After I research for it, it is setting for given how many time to process the thread, like the PCI latency time in BIOS, give to another PCI device after the time for the device to use is finish.
So the setting I am using now is for what type of computer, and if I set as Let os choose, the performance will affect or not???
And 2 bug for Tweak Scheduler
1. Can open more than 1, so if I has select the setting for first window and click ok, and click ok in second window, it will cause the setting I select gone.
2. In Chinese (Simplified), the words(Let operating system choose) is 选择æ"ä½œç³»ç»Ÿï¼Œmeaning is choose operating system.
If I do not see the helps of Process Lasso, I will think,Interval Length choose as operating system or short or long???What???

Thank You and this can help me know more about windows.

PS:Forgot to give the correct meaning one,让æ"ä½œç³»ç»Ÿè‡ªå·±é€‰æ‹©ï¼ˆLet operating system choose himself)or 让æ"ä½œç³»ç»Ÿé€‰æ‹©(Let operating system choose)
让æ"ä½œç³»ç»Ÿè‡ªå·±é€‰æ‹© is better for person who know Chinese Language and 让æ"ä½œç³»ç»Ÿé€‰æ‹© is better for person who has a good Chinese Language and like to change windows setting like me~

And can provide a function for Process Lasso???
1.keep the software memory in Ram, disable the windows put the software memory into PageFile.

This is very useful for user that having software with memory lack like Firefox and who like to hear quality music with fb2k, because when the ram is used full, it also will put the system file like explorer.exe, so when we change to desktop, it need to reading from the PageFile.
And fb2k is if the person with golden ears(we call it as é‡'耳), can detect the sound has been disturb, will let the music file buffering into memory, but the windows will also putting the music buffered by fb2k into PageFile, so it has making it reading the music file form Hard disk(PageFile), and the quality of music will be disturb(they has prove that reading music file from Ram is better than reading from Hard Disk)
So this buffer function only can work for person who has disable PageFile or puting PageFile into Ram, and this problem has been prove by a person by putting PageFile into ram, is better than put PageFile at Hard Disk because it still reading from Hard Disk(PageFile)

If Process Lasso can provide this function, they will no need to disable PageFile or putting PageFile into Ram(same as disable Pagefile...), and also can having a faster responding from software as the software read from Ram not PageFile.