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Started by cornyprint, January 08, 2024, 02:48:14 AM

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Since I'm new to Process Lasso, I'm not sure if I have everything set up correctly.  A while back, I placed a process (an anti-virus program) to the ProBalance exclusion list. However, I recently removed it after noticing that the process would use a lot of CPU cycles when it ran a scan.  MBAMService.exe is the procedure.  The process behavior stays the same once the exclusion list is removed, and when conducting a scan, it can use up to 50% of the CPU (as shown by Task Manager and Process Lasso).

How can I fix this and make it function?


Jeremy Collake

Process Lasso's ProBalance feature won't be able to sufficiently control or mitigate the effects of MBAMService.exe, so it doesn't ultimately matter if you have it excluded from ProBalance or not.

Although it is possible that a CPU affinity rule on MBAMService.exe, if accessible, could effectively limit CPU usage, we don't recommend that on security software processes.

In your situation, it is best to adjust the MalwareBytes scan options to reduce resource usage.
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