I need assistance with a specific game.

Started by cornyprint, January 08, 2024, 02:55:12 AM

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Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask, but I could really need your assistance. I have a good-spec CPU, an Intel i5 13500, and a GPU, a 4070.

I play a game called Maplestory; it's an old game that essentially runs on RAM, the CPU, and other hardware. Some of the newer Intel 12 and 13 generation processors don't seem to work well with the game; in my opinion, older processors perform better and AMD works great.

Could you please provide me with some advice on how to perhaps disable some cores or any other tips? Maybe try designing the game CPU to function like an AMD X3D or similar to the old Intel CPUs, if you can afford to do so.