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network throttle

Started by degarb, July 29, 2009, 01:20:58 PM

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I don't know anything about qos.  Linksys cable modem combo.   I don't think I would like it if no controls by user.  I see option in tcpip setting for qos but nothing more.

What I wan't is to open up the 15 kps upload for magicjack.  15 kps is my maximum upload for my cable.  I tried other programs like cofspeed but no luck. 

Jeremy Collake

If your router/modem combo simply has an option to turn on QoS, then definitely turn it on. It probably is configured to make VOiP and other UDP packets high-priority, amongst other types of packets. Whether or not it will fix your troubles, I don't know. Its a shame it doesn't offer any more extended configuration.
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Don't have qos on my lynsys cable/router combo, that I see.

I do notice putting my Magicjack on realtime and browser on below norm, the phone quality vastly improving.  Though some tcp throttling when mj is in use would be a final improvement needed.  (don't see improvement with gaming mode, yet.  So unsure if any benefit could be gained with gaming mode.)

Other magicjack users are reporting improvements too. see:

My other quick question that I haven't had time to research is, did you do any i/o throttling in beta (which I am using.)   I do alot of dvd and cd ripping/ecoding at night.

Jeremy Collake

There is no direct I/O throttling in the current version(s) of Process Lasso. However, the priority adjustments Process Lasso makes often have the indirect effect of (re)prioritizing I/O. This is because CPU cycles are required to generate and process I/O requests, so the availability of CPU cycles can affect I/O. Additionally, in Vista and Windows 7 I/O prioritization exists and is derived from the calling thread's priority.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.