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Started by Ramesh, December 02, 2011, 10:00:12 PM

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Just a simple question. Today when installing the new Process Lasso Pro v5.1.0.26 64bit I saw this feature in the setup wizard to start Process Lasso Pro as a service at bootup (Pro only feature). Is this a better way of booting up the software. I can't enable it as it's a Pro only feature so need to activate the software first then run the wizard again. Maybe you could have the activation during the installation process :P (I understand trial ware users may go OMFG NAG SCREEN!)

If it's recommended I'll do the wizard again just need a bit more info.

Also Process Lasso Pro v5.1.0.26 changelog had this new tweak
Change.Core: Default ProBalance parameters tweaked a little for higher end systems (more mods under testing)

My system is high end & it's a welcome inclusion ;) Tweak it baby to it's best 8)


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Jeremy Collake

Yes, and it is enabled in the Server Edition trial. BUT, that is a real trial. It expires after 30 days. Soo... if you want that feature, you have to pay for it. We offer 30 day refunds. It is NOT the normal way we recommend running the core engine, and NOT advantageous in MOST scenarios. It is really only useful for servers, in fact. Running it as a service has a list of advantages and disadvantages, many you can surmise. One of the disadvantages is that it can't know which process is in the 'foreground', so it can cause ProBalance to have less info available to it. This is important mostly for Desktops though, hence again this being a feature oriented more for Servers.

While its easy to think running things as Services is surely better, or more reliable, that just is not the case here. One advantage is they start before login. That's fine, but do you need Process Lasso before login? If you do, then perhaps you could use the feature. Most don't.
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